Get in the Baseball mood with Bally Sports “Short Boys” Beer 🍺

Bally Sports "Short Boys" Beer 🍺 Get in the Baseball mood!

Cheers to #ShortBoySummerBeer Stamp spotlights & salutes:"Short Boys"Bally Sports @BallySports marketing effort collaboration with 5 breweries across the USh...

Shorter Games call for Shorter Beers!

In 2023, Major League Baseball shortened the Pitch Clock, which enforces less time in between pitches, all designed to speed up the game.

In a new marketing effort to drive fan awareness, Bally Sports is touting “the perfectly short beer for streaming baseball on Bally Sports Plus”.

Bally Sports partnered with 5 breweries across the US. There’s the Lager from Company Brewing, American Pale Wheat from City Barrel, American IPA from Dog & Pony Show, Tampa-Style Lager from Cigar City, and American Lager from Tripping Animals.

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