Big Ups to Queens

A Queens bound elevated 7 train with New York City in the background.
A Queens bound elevated 7 train with New York City in the background. Photo credit to @lucabravo on Unsplash.

Tourists flock to Manhattan when they visit New York City, but they’re missing out on one of the best boroughs. Queens is a diverse, vibrant borough with something for everyone. Here are some reasons why you should consider spending time in Queens – or even booking your accommodation there – when you visit the Big Apple.

While New York City as a whole is known for its diversity, Queens takes it to the next level. Nearly half of the residents of Queens were born outside of the United States, meaning that a huge variety of cultures is represented in the borough. From Greek to Egyptian to Guatemalan to Chinese to Korean to Indian restaurants (and more), you can find exceptional cuisine from all over the world in Queens. Plus, because so many people from different cultures live in Queens, you’ll find a wide variety of experiences from cuisines to cultural festivals to events taking place throughout the year.

Manhattan is home to some of New York City’s most popular attractions, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to see in the other boroughs. In fact, Queens is home to some of the city’s best museums, including the Museum of the Moving Image, Noguchi Museum, and Queens Museum. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Queens is the perfect place to go.

In addition to being home to some of New York City’s best museums, Queens is home to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. At nearly 1,300 acres, it’s bigger than Central Park and the largest park in the City. The park features a zoo, an amphitheater, and more. If you want to experience some of New York City’s nature without leaving the borough, visiting Flushing Meadows Corona Park should be the first item on your New York to-do list. If you’re a sports fan, Flushing Meadow’s Corona Park is where the world famous US Open tennis tournament is played annually, and the park is just minutes from Citi Field, the home of the NY Mets.

If you’re looking for affordable lodging in New York City, look no further than Queens. Because it’s not as popular with tourists as Manhattan, you’ll be able to find more affordable hotels and Airbnbs in Queens than you would in other boroughs. Queens is not as busy as Manhattan, so you can leave the crowds of other tourists behind when heading back to your hotel — but still have plenty of things to do and see locally. The neighborhoods of Astoria and Long Island City in Queens are especially convenient to Manhattan by subway and bridge and tunnels.

It may not be as centrally located as Manhattan, but Queens is still a very convenient place to stay while visiting New York City — and it’s much more budget-friendly. Many of the city’s subway lines pass through Queens, making it easy to get around without a car. In addition, LaGuardia Airport is conveniently located in Queens, so if you’re flying into or out of New York City, chances are you’ll be passing through Queens anyway..

If you’re planning a trip to New York City, don’t limit yourself to Manhattan — be sure to check out Queens. With its diversity, affordability, convenience, and abundance of things to see and do, Queens just might be your new favorite borough.

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