Season 3 of Amazon Prime’s ‘Jack Ryan’

The actor John Krasinski as Jack Ryan.
The actor John Krasinski as Jack Ryan. Photo credit to Amazon Studios.

Please note that this post contains “spoilers”.

If you’re a fan of the Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime, you’ll be happy to hear that season three is now available. As we’ve written about, Amazon’s been on a roll with its TV show productions, and Jack Ryan is no exception. This unpredictable show has been thrilling viewers since it first aired in 2018, and its upcoming installment takes us on just as wild a journey. Viewers can expect the same high-octane drama from the ever-popular John Krasinski as he reprises his role as title character Jack Ryan, paired with formidable enemies and intense showdowns.

Season three mirrors much of our current reality, with Russia planning to use underhanded, false flag operations and misinformation to undermine US and NATO interests, as Jack is forced to make difficult ethical decisions in order to protect his country. His mentor James Greer (Wendell Pierce), believes in what Ryan has recovered, but his boss Elizabeth Wright (Betty Gabriel), is more skeptical.

The new season brings an exciting array of international locations, including Russia and North Africa. This adds more depth to the already complex plotlines and brings in even more intrigue as Jack dives deeper into his mission. Season three hones in on a plotline that many viewers have found particularly intriguing – the disturbing news of Russian President Viktor Cherevin‘s plans to undermine America’s national security. Rumors continue to swirl around Cherevin’s ultimate goal and what it would mean if he succeeds.

Season three’s standout, however, is Luka Goncharov, played by James Cosmo. An international businessman of questionable character and deep Russian connections, Goncharov’s role in the show is multifaceted as he assists Cherevin on his mission. As a man who regrets his past but remains committed to his country, Goncharov offers a complex perspective on moral ambiguity and political allegiances. He’s the bridge between the protagonists and antagonists of the show, aiding in Cherevin’s mission while also tipping off Jack to their presence, thereby creating a dynamic plot line as each episode unfolds and viewers are left guessing at his true intentions.

Krasinski’s Ryan is a little more Jason Bourne or Jack Reacher than Alec Baldwin‘s more analytical version of the Ryan character. As with Ben Affleck‘s take on Ryan, Krasinski’s Ryan is a bruiser. A tough operative who relies more on his gut instinct and strength than on mental acuity. His team provides the brains, and Ryan provides the brawn. He has an unwavering sense of justice and duty.

This actually translates fairly well into action-thriller format, creating a constant internal conflict in him between his personal desires and obligations, which makes for interesting viewing. His portrayal of Ryan is less coldly calculating than Affleck’s but still packs plenty of punch when the situation calls for it.

With intricate plot lines and nail-biting cliffhangers, it’s no wonder why this show is so popular. Fans can become immersed in each episode as they’re taken on a rollercoaster ride of thrills and mystery. From its intense action sequences to its riveting storyline, there is something for everyone in this must-watch show. It’s easy to understand why Jack Ryan has become one of the most talked-about series out there today. With thrills and plenty of suspense, this new season of Jack Ryan is an exciting entertainment experience that any action fan should enjoy.

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